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Hi I'm Cindy, I am the program manager at De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter. I have been here for 2 1/2 years and it is an honor to work for the community and support survivors through their journey of getting justice and finding safety. We want our clients to not only survive but to thrive and follow their dreams. They deserve the best and I am excited you are here to help us to fund this amazing program.

I am running for Domestic Violence awareness and to support De Colores Shelter Domestic Violence shelter and community based programs.

Why Am I Fundraising?

October is Domestic Violence awareness month. At De Colores we offer shelter and community based programs to provide guidance and support to survivors of Domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Our program has grown and is always in need of funding. I am fundraising for this program because of the amazing work that we do here in supporting survivors. For every $25 donated I will run one mile for Domestic Violence awareness. My goal is to raise $2,000. This funding will go straight in to program needs. We are in need of new mattresses at this moment, Thank you for your support!

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