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Who Are We?

This is where Teams can tell their story to the world. Who is part of this team? How did they get together? Why are they doing this challenge?

Why are we Sweatin' For Science?

Not all youth in our region have access to the same resources in their homes, schools, or communities to be able to pursue science, technology, or innovation interests. Let's give the next Roberta Bondar's, David Suzuki's, Irene Uchida's, and Alexander Graham Bell's the opportunity to realize their potential by breaking down barriers. We sweat for science for the sustainability and growth of: 1) Science Fair Programs in 13 regions across BC+Yukon. 2) Education Programs opportunities in our region that nurture, inspire, and elevate youth. 3) Financial Aid opportunities for youth to develop their ideas and/or attend events outside of their home communities. 4) Give Mentorship Program access to youth so they may better understand their projects, and find guidance on their path.

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