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Emma Fullem


What's Climb for a Cure?

Climb for a Cure started in 2016 with 15 climbers in the mountains of Colorado. Climb for a Cure symbolizes the steep incline that survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones face in the fight against colorectal cancer. I'm committing to hike alongside participants across the country, and my team is hoping to raise $500 for cutting-edge research!

Why Am I Fundraising?

I climb for my friend Katy, who's fighting her second bout of colorectal cancer. Anyone who knows Katy knows her kindness, her intelligence, and her commitment not to take life too seriously. Katy goes the extra mile for those around her - in her work as a chemo infusion nurse, she put together hundreds of COVID care kits for her patients, regularly bakes birthday cakes for coworkers, and once brought in a ten-foot balloon arch just to spread joy. She's dedicated to her friends, her family, and her community, and her actions push others to do the same.

More than anything, Katy inspires those around her not to take life too seriously. She's the first to jump in a lake, drive an hour to see the sunrise, or take a spontaneous adventure in search of ice cream. I climb because colorectal cancer is a real pain in the butt, because the world is better with Katy in it, and because more research means more paths to a cure for colon and rectal cancers.

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