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Erin Quiko

Who Am I?

Hi Everyone! As a member of the Fight CRC team I'm excited to be the host of our Missouri Community Climb! This is the first Climb to be conducted in the same location as our Fight CRC headquarters so I want to make it as successful as possible! Please join me to raise awareness & be part of the first of many MO Climbs!

Why Am I Fundraising?

Unfortunately too many of us can say that we have individuals in our life that are currently fighting or have been affected by colorectal cancer. We can find the cure but research is the only way to achieve that. All monies raised during Climb for a Cure goes towards research efforts so please consider donating ~ every little bit helps!

The MO Climb / Walk Trail.....

Since this is our first MO event we are keeping the trail simple. We will be utilizing Frisco Highline Trail with Willard Trailhead entrance as our entry point. Minimum walk will be 3 miles but attendees are welcome and encourage to do more if desired.

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