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Mary Beth Kropp

Who Am I?

WE ARE KROPP.GERLOFF STRONG. In honor of my Warrior Husband, Michael Kropp, I pledge to build a strong team on all fronts - for this team, for my family, for my husband - because cancer impacts us all. The challenges of navigating cancer doesn't need to be hard - especially when a community is behind you. We can find a cure together because No One Fights Alone! Join us as we fight for Michael - my husband, my best friend, my children's father, my warrior and Phil, our dear family friend for many years. It's crazy they are battling the same disease, but more evidence of how widespread CRC is. It it amplifies the need for a cure. Join us as we Climb for a Cure!

Why Am I Fundraising?

Both Michael and Phil were diagnosed with Colon Cancer in their 40's and now battling Stage 4. This disease is affecting more young people and we need your help to find out why and put an end to this disease. Michael and Phil have a lot of life to live - sharing times with family and friends. Cancer has changed all of us forever. Fight CRC knows that we can't cure this disease without research, money, advocacy, and trials. Our efforts will help fund more research and provide support and advocacy for families like ours. Please join us as we Climb for a Cure!

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