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Why Am I Fundraising?

Two years ago, I climbed a mountain (actually I was hoodwinked into climbing two) with a group of colon cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. And in three weeks, I get to do it again. One of the first people impacted by colon cancer that I met was John D MacLeod. An infectious personality who commanded the room everywhere he went. Throughout his battle with stage IV colon cancer, he remained relentlessly optimistic and a staunch advocate for raising awareness. John passed away in April 2019 and it hit me hard. He was the first person diagnosed with this disease that I had truly gotten to know. Around the same time I got to know John, I learned my then next-door neighbor and friend, Andi Dunn had been diagnosed with a recurrence of colon cancer. This time it had spread. Her fight brought us closer and I climbed two years ago in Colorado in her honor. It meant so much to her. She was very active and loved being outside and it made her feel like she was on top of the mountain with the rest of us. She even made me a care package of snacks for the climb. In the thick of her treatment, she always put others first - giving gifts to our kids and making dinner for our family because - as she put it - "you have such busy lives." A few months later, Andi lost her battle. And lastly, three years ago, I had my own scare. At 39 years old, I started experiencing symptoms. So I went to the doctor and underwent a colonoscopy. They found and removed a large advanced adenomous polyp - precancer. I'm so grateful I didn't brush it off as something that would go away and it was caught early. All of these experiences have made the mission personal for me. I have so many reasons to climb again and look forward to joining with so many people I now call friends. This time, we’ll gather in Tahoe on August 22nd and I could not be more excited to have Jake Bailey join me. I humbly ask that you consider a donation to Fight Colorectal Cancer, an incredible organization who makes this climb happen. Even a few bucks can go a long way in this group’s work fighting this disease. Thanks in advance for your generosity and support.

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