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Angels Flying High - Moving Towards A Better You

“We Don’t Fly, We Soar!” - Our 2020 Virtual Exercise (Let’s Move) Challenge

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This challenge is completed! 🎉 Please open/download the atlasGO: Wellbeing app to log your activities and make them count!

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Team Don't Stop did it...50-day Let's Move challenge completed!

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finished up the last day of the challenge STRONG!

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Happy Friday last day of challenge

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Run, run, run 🏃🏾‍♀️

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Crazy work day had to kick and punch something 🥊🥊

Raising Awareness to Fight Against Breast Cancer

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc. is launching our first ever virtual fundraiser.  We are super excited about the possibility of having you join us in this virtual get fit campaign. 

It is time now for all of us to get moving to get or keep our bodies healthy.  Our Angels Flying High- Moving Towards A Better You campaign is the perfect fundraiser to get everyone going.

We’ve got a solution that will keep you healthy whilst also helping to bring more awareness to Breast  Cancer! Put your cancelled gym membership money to good use and sign up to our virtual Angels Flying High community, then get your friends and family involved too.

Together – Let’s sweat  to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer awareness! You can sign up and take part in our challenge until September 4.  Look out for new workouts to get your body moving and your heart pumping.

Remember, every friend that signs up with our Angels Flying High movement,  means we can help fund another lady with financial burdens while in their battle of fighting Breast Cancer.  Every dollar donated will also allow us to  continue to  educate women in Health and Wellness Prevention and the importance of getting their annual  mammogram screenings and diagnostic exams. 

Together let’s all join in this fight to be and stay Healthy!

Click on the "Signup Now" button above to buy your ticket by making a donation to Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc. You will receive a link by email to redeem your ticket and to create your atlasGO account.

Download the atlasGO app on your mobile device either from the App Store, Google Play or by visiting Login with the same credentials you used when you have created your account and you are in the challenge!

If you end up on the atlasGO app and you are not in our Angels Flying High - Moving Towards A Better You Challenge, please click on the unlock challenge button in the "Causes" menu item and enter the code ASC2020. If you struggle to get on the challenge, reach out to

Seen here is our EXCLUSIVE Angels Flying High - Towards A Better You shirt, which is only available when you purchase the ANGELS HERO ticket package. Along with a T-Shirt your ticket donations will also support a Breast Cancer Survivor!

Believe Sponsor

Courage Sponsor

Strength Sponsor

Hope Sponsor

Angels Surviving Cancer is a breast cancer survivorship organization whose mission is to enlighten, educate and address the true and everyday obstacles impacting those who have been newly diagnosed. Angels seek to encourage, empower and educate the community of the importance of assisting those who are undergoing treatment and beyond by addressing the entire spectrum of needs through financial, emotional and spiritual support as well as advocacy.

Angels provide those facing cancer with a much-needed sense of control over their situation by assisting them with maintaining their quality of life and developing coping mechanisms while fighting cancer. If you are interested in learning more, check out our website here!

A digital community

You will participate in the virtual challenge on the atlasGO app. You will be able to track your wellbeing activities, post selfies and share virtual high-fives with the community.

Who can participate?

Everyone is invited to join the challenge. The more the merrier. Please share with your friends, family and colleagues.

How can I post a photo on the feed?

After submitting your activity on the GO screen, click on the share button. You will be able to either take a picture or choose one from your library. You can also add a comment if you like and share your picture on other social media channels outside of atlasGO. As soon as you have shared your photo it will appear on the feed.

Why does the app not allow me to import my steps from Fitbit or another app? 

We don't allow importing steps as the challenge promotes conscious workouts such as walks, hikes or runs. Importing daily steps that also include all the steps you take at home is therefore not enabled.

Why does the app tell me that I can't add more miles?

For all activities, the application puts an upper cap to make sure our users don't put an unrealistic number by mistake, as an example 200 miles run instead of 20 miles run. The cap is set for a period of 24 hours and if you think you weren't able to add all your activities because of a cap, you can always reach out to and ask them to add your additional activity.


How can I talk to my teammates?

Click on the bottom navigation bar on the ‘team’ button. It is the icon that looks like a heart. That’s your team chat. You can write in there to communicate with your teammates. If you would like to disable notifications for the team chat you can edit by clicking on the three little dots next to the team icon.

How can I find and follow a friend? The easiest way to find and follow a friend is to use the search function on top of the feed. You can also click on their profile on the feed above each post or while visiting the leaderboard to give your friend a follow. On the leaderboards, check out the “Following” leaderboard to see how you are doing compared to your peers.


How can I see my activities and previous shares?

On the bottom of the navigation bar, click on your profile (button on the right). To make any edits to your profile name or add a photo click on the three little dots at the top right of your screen. You will also find your stats, activities and shares on the profile page.

atlasGO has an option to track distance based activities by GPS tracking but it does not seem to work properly. What is wrong?

Depending on many external factors, tracking can be inaccurate sometimes. Here are a couple of ways you can improve accuracy:

Make sure you are outside. We can not track your activity indoors. It is difficult to catch the right satellite signal indoors. For the optimal accuracy please add your activity manually if you are running on a treadmill or if you are walking in a building. You can do this by clicking on the “+” sign on the GO screen. Make sure you activated localization. We can not track your activity if tracking is not activated. Please allow tracking by going to your settings. Fully charge your battery. When your phone is on low battery or if you use the battery saving option tracking services will be less accurate. Please update the app. We continuously work on improving accuracy. You might be on an old app version. A full refresh is the best way to avoid issues. Delete atlasGO and download again.

For best results with GPS tracking iOS:

  1. 1. Be sure you have installed the latest version of the atlasGO App.
  2. 2. Toggle Location Services “On” for atlasGO in iPhone settings (Settings->Privacy->Location Services) and make sure location services are turned on specifically for atlasGO. 3. Turn Airplane mode ‘Off’ and WiFi ‘On’ in iPhone settings 4. Open the app, making sure you have a direct line to the sky. Then click ‘go’ and watch the miles increase as you’re enjoying your activity.
  3. 5. If it is cloudy, or there are trees or tall buildings around, you may experience GPS disruptions. Many GPS issues occur in certain locations that may not have a strong signal.
  4. 6. If you continue to have issues with GPS tracking please contact so we can help you.

For best results with GPS tracking Android:

1. Be sure you have installed the latest version of the atlasGO App. 2. Reset network and location warnings in settings, and reboot device. 3. Make sure your phone’s battery saving mode is turned off as that can affect GPS.

4. If none of the above work, please delete & re-install the app to see if this helps.

5. If you continue to have issues with GPS tracking please contact so we can help you.


Can I use the App abroad?

Yes you can but please be aware that our GPS tracking requires you to have an internet connection at the end of a fitness session so consider potential roaming costs whilst tracking your activity.

Which software does the app require?

Please update the app to the latest iOS or Android version to make sure it runs smoothly.

Use of data

The atlasGO app is compliant with data protection law established between the United States and the EU/Switzerland (Privacy Shield) as well as GDPR. No data will be used for advertisement. Please conduct the atlasGO Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions for more information ( &

Whom can I contact if I have difficulties downloading or using the app

If this FAQ section does not answer your question or technical issue contact us on and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

Angels Flying High - Moving Towards A Better You


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