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Run, bike, swim, and more - all in the name of clean water.

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Join us on our journey across the country for clean water!

785 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. As the world suffers at the hands of COVID-19, we see, now more than ever, the importance of handwashing and hygiene. Not only does clean water mean health and wellness for communities, it provides them with hope, education, opportunity, and it empowers women and children.

As a group of college students passionate about the water crisis, our original plan was to cycle across the country this summer to raise money and awareness for clean water. However, due to the global pandemic we are facing, we are unable to do so.We will no longer be riding from West Coast to East Coast, but this hasn’t changed our drive and our passion for clean water. That is why we launched Ride for Water GO–a virtual race where we log miles and record workouts to raise money and awareness for the global water crisis.

YOU can help our team by joining our #RideForWaterGo challenge by walking, biking, running, or more for clean water. Together, we hope to reach 30,000 miles and raise $30,000 all in the name of clean water.  We look forward to you joining the fight to end the global water crisis. 

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