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20 KM of Brussels

The virtual 20 KM of Brussels + Medal

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Virtual 20 Km of Brussels

What is a virtual race?

🌍Participate from anywhere in the world: You can run the 20Km of Brussels on the atlasGO app. You will have one week to run 20Kms. You can run wherever you want (In the streets of Paris, in a parc in New York, on a treadmill in Shanghai,...) and whenever you want!

👟Run at your own pace: You don't have to run your 20Kms on Sunday 31st. You can also decide to run the week after until June 8. You can also run in multiple time. If you want to run 5Kms on Sunday, 10 on Tuesday and the last 5 on Friday that is your choice!

🥇Get the official 20Km of Brussels medal: By purchasing your ticket on this website (and only this website!) you will receive the official medal of the 20Km of Brussels by the post!

The official 20Km of Brussels medal will be send to you by the post early June!

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20 KM of Brussels


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